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Server Rules

Post by T1pple on Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:15 pm

The server runs by a set guideline of rules that we expect people to follow to make the whole game better for everyone. These rules are subject to change, and most likely will change over time.

1. All admin or moderator interaction is to be taken seriously. You will be banned for leaving during an admin intervention. If you feel a ban was undeserved, or that an admin is antagonizing you intentionally, please notify us on the forums.

2. We are a server that is mid-high role-play, please consider setting up a character with flavor text, job skills, and some medical, security and employment history. Spend some time on your character and keep in mind that you are on a prestigious, top secret station dedicated to science and anomaly research. This also means we encourage RP, such as: "John Doe pulls out the chair and plops down." or: "Jeniffer Jane unzips her jumpsuit and applies burn cream to her burns."

3. No Griefing. There are several things antags are forbidden from doing, so if you find yourself questioning your actions please send an adminhelp beforehand!

4. No end of round griefing. Antags may continue to be antags and sec may continue to be sec. If it is within RP it is allowed.

5. Being a traitor or other antagonist generally means you get a bit more freedom with how you interact with the world around you. However, this does not permit killing everyone if your objective is to kill a single target.

6. Metagaming is strictly prohibited. If you are caught doing this, you will be punished based upon the severity.

7. We advise having real reasons to commit suicide. Refrain from doing so if you find yourself in the brig for any time under 20 minutes, or in an attempt to join a special event. We try to reserve special events for those that are already dead.

8. It is a general rule of thumb to keep OOC chat to a minimum to prevent it from being disabled. Do not relay IC information here, do not talk about things that are irrelevant here, and refrain from asking questions related to administrative matters here. These questions are to be adminhelped.

9. An SSD player is one who has lost connection with the server. You may put them in cryosleep if you suspect they won’t return or a more comfortable place ICly (Such as Dormitories).

10. No ERP (Erotic Role Play). We do allow for flirting and relationships, but no sexual stuff, even if both players are consenting.

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