New power systems

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New power systems

Post by T1pple on Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:24 pm

So instead of using these easy to start systems (ha ha jokes), how about we make our own power systems? I had the idea for a coal generator system, which would make the Shaft Miner job more important and make engineers have more work, as they have to feed the burners. Maybe make some machine that R&D that can make condensed coal out of coal dust, which you get when mining coal. When mining coal, the miners would get coal chunks and coal dust, with the latter being less useful unless it is made into condensed coal. Maybe also make biomass, which can be made in the condenser out of plant matter (maybe when you harvest a plant or pull weeds you get plant fibres or something.)

Again just ideas, but this would make gardening and mining more useful as well as making being an engineer having more to do.

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